Three Nights of Solitude

Prior to arrival at Windridge Solitude, I was prepared to have a mental breakdown of some sort. I knew that three nights alone in a cottage with no technology, books, or music was going to be a challenge and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to handle it. I was a bit surprised and very happy that I didn’t actually have any breakdowns at all and loved every moment of solitude.

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Remembering Buddy

Oh my Buddy, Buddy Gato, “Hey, Buddy Gato” (to the tune of Hey Macarena), my lover Buddy, cuddle Buddy, Bud, Spuds, Spuds Nugget, Bird, Bird Gato, Honey Buddy, Tweety, Tweety Bird, Sweetie Pie, Honey Buddy Boy, Pretty Buddy Boy, Super Buddy.

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Remembering Little Girl

I miss Little Girl terribly. My favorite kitty was only 9 years old when I lost her this past December, and I know I will never find another companion as loving and affectionate as she was. She adored going outside to be social and never struggled much when I put her harness on. It always made me smile to hear the patter of her tiny paws on the concrete as her pace quickened to greet dogs or people as they approached.

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