Unconditional Friendship

Please accept my love
There are no strings attached
You deserve to be happy
to make peace with your past

Haunted houses can be distressing
But less if you take others with
You don’t always need to protect them
Or solve mysteries of doors that won’t close

The only thing constant is change
And nobody grows without pain
You control your thoughts more than you think
Move your body and learn to relax

Stuck in a state of regression
Know that it isn’t forever
Be sorry for choices you’ve made
but not for the person you are

Determination and independence are in you
Creativity flows through your blood
If choices align with your values
Freedom will be within reach

Perhaps in the future I won’t know you
And you won’t even know me
But I’m working on being more open
and giving my love more freely

Maybe you’ll end up in Georgia
And I’ll move to the North Shore
You’ll write articles, poems & novels
And I’ll take students on trips to the parks

I have let go of all expectations
And just want to shine light on the dark
I’ve heard lighthouses are more effective
than trying to save every ship

You don’t think you are worthy of happiness
But I emphatically disagree
Forgive yourself and those who have wronged you
Only then will you really be free

I’m not criticizing or trying to change you
Just want you to know I’m still here
You cannot disappoint me
Please accept my love