I’ve always loved mosaics
the way shattered pieces come together
to form something beautiful
that couldn’t exist without destruction

I wonder if this is why
my favorite people were the most broken
but put themselves back together
their scars make them beautiful

it takes courage to rearrange those pieces
cement them together with hope
know you’ll never be the same
trust the light will heal the cracks

pieces that could have been swept away
come together in harmony
proving that even when we’re unsure
our imperfections make us unique

how boring life would be
if we never cracked
never having the chance
to create something new

I would rather shatter into a thousand pieces
than to slip by unscathed and unaware
so I can better understand and relate
to pain that others go through

some people seem concerned
by my outward signs of struggle
I wish they could understand
being open helps me heal

for too long I hid in the dark
afraid of admitting my weaknesses
I didn’t realize how many others
share so many feelings

and if I admire others
for their ability to be vulnerable
why not do the same?
you never know who it may help

I will always respect mosaics
know how broken they once were
grateful for all of the artists
with the patience to put them together