Roller Derby & Sugar Haikus

Why trust me, Egon?
You know sugar is my vice
This must be a test

Candy in the trunk
I wonder if it's too hot?
Perhaps I should check

so many people
will need sugar to sustain
hugs might help me too

have too much candy?
I volunteer as tribute
I will regret this

why do you tempt me?
need to eat some veggies
no diabetes

now I can’t focus
haikus are distracting me
well, that and sugar

I’m serious man
addiction is a problem
don’t enable me

this time of season
Egon makes me want to write
too many haikus

voice already gone
got lots of hugs and convos
more tomorrow please

had some candy too
the derby has been intense
ear plugs tomorrow

my tank is empty
but my heart is very full
it was all perfect

feel like I skated
the bouts were so physical
sympathy soreness

was hard to get sleep
after so much excitement
didn't even drink

forgetting to breathe
go away anxiety
one day at a time

Sibling Rivalry
Oh boy here we go
Poetic response trigger
Haiku mode: engaged

Briefcase in the trunk?
Sugar helps you with long drives
Except when you crash

Frozen Phalanges

Winter's not over
Phalanges frozen again
Must move south real soon