Connecting to Heal

Everyone wants to be accepted exactly as they are.
Yet we learn as children to compare and judge; society is cruel.

External validation becomes our currency and we always feel in debt.
If our ego is in charge we will never have enough.

We must look inside ourselves and be whole on our own.
Do things that bring us to life; take care of ourselves first.

If we think that happiness is controlled by outside forces.
We’ll spend our whole lives searching, trying to fill that void.      

I believe that happiness is inside each one of us.
Sometimes we get in our own way; but it’s okay to ask for help.

Though I believe we are ultimately in charge of our happiness.
I also know connecting with others is a key to our success.

We are interconnected and are more alike than we think.
We can learn from each other by talking through the darkness.

Reaching out can seem impossible but isolation can be deadly.
I remind myself when needed and check in on friends who seem distant.

What are we afraid of? Being a bother? They’re too busy?
Is it fear of judgment? Or of too much directing?

Connection is a key to healing - if we find the right support.
Talking to the wrong people can sometimes make us feel worse.

We all need some “safe” friends who can just sit and listen.
Those friends are golden and I hope to never lose them.

Sometimes what helps us most is to figure out what we need.
A hug? A walk? A laugh? A meal? Nobody knows better than you.

If someone reaches out try to hold back from giving suggestions.
Unless of course they ask for them, then try to keep it simple.

I’m still practicing and learning from each interaction.
Nobody is perfect, but we can always grow if we choose to.