My Troubled Friend

“What’s the point in even trying?
When only guarantee is dying?”
My friend, I wish that you could see
Everything you’re here to be

People ‘round you truly care
You have a gift you’re here to share
Don’t give up you’ve come so far
There’s more to life than chasing cars

When the demons start to talk
Listen close, then say fuck off
Good or evil, it’s your choice
Who you decide to fuel your voice

So much of life you can control
Sometimes you’ve gotta slow your roll
Must love yourself before another
It's more fulfilling you'll discover

Get back up when you fall down
And know that love will be around

Bleeding Hearts

My mind it runs and just won't stop
When I try to shut off
Paralyzed by pain and worry
Indecision in a flurry

I've got to keep myself from drowning
In a sea of fear and longing
I can't neglect my basic needs
When I see a heart that bleeds

My help is of no use to others
If I’m the one to run for cover
Must be careful; don't get lost
In someone else’s Holocaust