Remembering Little Girl

I miss Little Girl terribly. My favorite kitty was only 9 years old when I lost her this past December, and I know I will never find another companion as loving and affectionate as she was. She adored going outside to be social and never struggled much when I put her harness on. It always made me smile to hear the patter of her tiny paws on the concrete as her pace quickened to greet dogs or people as they approached. I fondly remember the way she liked to stand up on her hind legs and give a tiny headbutt if she couldn’t quite reach your hand or a dog’s chin by being on all fours. She always loved to cuddle and be held on my shoulder... I’m so thankful that I was able to capture this moment last year while she was still healthy. I have two other cats but am heartbroken without her. She really was my baby. (Submission for #ASPCACutestCouples Contest, with writing help from Evan)

Design of the mug I made using Shutterfly.

December 16, 2014

I have so many emotions right now I don't even know what to feel. I guess this is what they call "shock". Little Girl's last day in her body was full of cuddles, pictures, and eating yummy wet food, rubber bands and cat grass. I was so happy she perked up for the rubber bands and cat grass - I hadn't seen her that excited about anything in several weeks. Thanks everyone for your overwhelming support. I know I have a long road of grieving ahead of me, but I am glad she is no longer in pain. Oh Little Girl, I know you will always be with me, but I miss you already.

Rest in Peace Little Girl
July 4, 2005 - December 16, 2014